My Apologies…

My apologies for falling so far behind right out of the gates.  As our new website was coming online, I found myself getting extremely busy with family needs.  You see, we are in the process of building our new home 30 minutes out of town.  This has proven to be extremely taxing and demanding.  We didn’t hire a contractor, and if truth be told, we are only hiring a couple of sub-contractors, which means I and several volunteers from the church are doing just about everything.  

Right now we are framing.  We’ve done all of the excavation, poured the foundation footers and walls, installed plumbing for under the floor, graded, insulated, installed tubing for in-floor heat, and poured our floor slab.  There is still so much to do, and we have so far to go, to the extent that sometimes, when I get very tired, I feel a bit intimidated by the project.  

I say all of that to simply say, it is going to be a while yet before I get back into a normal working schedule and can begin to blog regularly as intended.  Please check back in a couple of months as I will periodically update you all on the project, and give some idea of when the blog will be going full steam.

Welcome to the Pastor’s Blog!

As the first blog to be posted on our churches website, let me explain my use of this valuable tool.  It will be my attempt to blog every day and expound on a small passage of God’s Word. I would like to use it as a follow-up on the previous Sunday’s sermon, so that we can continue to meditate on the teachings we soon forget.  It may be a new means or method for your daily devotions, or it may be just supplemental, but in any case, it is supposed to prompt thoughtfulness, reflection, and maybe even edifying debate.

It is my intent that this be a tool for edification, encouragement, and construction. We are intending to build the church through this.

Also, there may be times when social issues may be addressed.  It is not my intent to engage politically, only spiritually, and even though the two clearly overlap, I do want to offer another voice that appeals to the teachings of Scripture as it speaks to matters in our culture (EG abortion, homosexuality, adultery, religious corruption, etc.).  Because these issues tend to bring hostile debate, I will do my best to eliminate my personal perspectives, and simply let God’s Word speak for itself.

With that in mind, we must police ourselves with what is communicated on this site.  We must keep one another accountable for the sake of bringing glory to our God. If you believe I have ventured outside of Biblical teaching, feel free to respond with a kind rebuke, and correctly use Scripture to prove your point.  I will be glad to grow by your influence.

Finally, please feel free to share this site with friends and loved ones.  It is the next generation’s means of reaching those in our world outside of the church.  Keep your eye on the site for our next entry in the next couple of weeks.