Through my years as a pastor I have seen two opposing sides of Christianity; one that frustrates me by being judgmental and hypocritical, and the other that is encouraging because the people are honest and working hard to live in accordance with the teachings of God’s Holy Bible (not someone’s religious opinion), fostering a relationship with Almighty God through our Savior, Jesus Christ.  As the newly installed pastor of East Wenatchee First Baptist Church, I have been encouraged to see an example of warm and sincere Christianity from this church, and while each of us has our own struggles with living selfishly, we desire to improve our walks with God.

It is also our endeavor to see men, women, and children come to enjoy a very intimate relationship with God by trusting in the sacrifice of God the Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross as the payment for sin, building upon that trust and being baptized as a means of identifying with Him, and joining us as a spiritual family to worship our God, fellowship with one another, and testify to those still seeking.

As the pastor, I am responsible for consistently teaching you the Bible, and praying for you.  The teaching happens on a regular basis within the walls of the church building as we offer you the opportunity to be in God’s Word several times a week.  Individual studies can be arranged as well and can be of great help in answering some of life’s nagging spiritual questions.  Please feel free to call or visit and take advantage of the resources available at East Wenatchee First Baptist Church.  I am looking forward to meeting you and helping however I can.

Pastor Adam Harris